$50 month for 1 sessions/week


$100 month for 2 sessions/week


*Ask if you qualify for one of our scholarships*

Class Schedule 

Tuesdays & Thursdays


4:30pm Elementary General Fitness

LYTC’s PRIME Class combines the 5 Components of Fitness with FUN to create an all-around fantastic workout for the growing body. With a carefully designed program focusing on Cardiovascular Endurance, Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, Flexibility and Body Composition, participants are introduced to strength training, core training, treadmill/elliptical conditioning, mobility work, and smart nutrition. Led by the Premier Exercise Physiologists in the Country, the class is ever-changing and always challenging but FUN. Participants develop great self-confidence as they see their strength sky-rocket and their endurance grow. 

Proper form and technique is of paramount importance and the participant quickly learns the components of an all-around workout. With a combination of activities, drills and games, the class is fast-paced but modifiable for ALL. Each participant is able to improve at their own pace. A large focus is also placed on Nutrition as the participants learn not only what to eat but WHY. The Coach stays individually engaged with each participant, what we call ‘Personal Training in a Group Setting.” The participant can expect a fun, ever-changing and challenging class that will result in a stronger, leaner, more enduring and energetic body!

Our middle school class working on agility!