Workouts are designed and individually modified on a case-by-case basis to create the perfect workout for the ultimate athlete. We call it ‘Personal Training in a Group Setting,’ the athlete excels in the healthy, group environment and is able to maximize his/her potential with the help of the Premier Exercise Physiologists in the Nation. The Coaches hold the highest standard of Certification for conditioning Athletes; we pride ourselves on being #1 in education and preparation for the growing athlete. We work HARD, but keep it FUN and MOTIVATING! Our results speak for themselves with countless Collegiate Scholarships and State and National Titles for our athletes.

LYTC’s ELITE class seamlessly combines all components of Elite Athletic Training for the growing athlete. Workouts are carefully designed over the course of the week to include specific training for STRENGTH, POWER, SPEED, ENDURANCE, AGILITY and DYNAMIC MOBILITY. A great emphasis is also placed on proper form/technique and prehab exercise to create an injury-proof athlete. We utilize cutting-edge science to create the ultimate workout for young athletes. Each workout focuses on different components of athleticism: Plyometrics for POWER and EXPLOSIVENESS; Speed and Agility sessions for quick and nimble action; Speed Endurance work for a long-lasting athlete; Dynamic Strength via the use of Olympic and Free Weight Training with an emphasis on perfect technique and form; and an intense focus on the ever-critical CORE of the body, which transfers power from the legs to the upper body and vice versa.




Mon, Wed & Fri


3:30pm High School Athletes


4:30pm Middle/ High School Athletes


$150 month for 3 sessions/week


$100 month for 2 sessions/week


$50 month for 1 session/week

*Ask if you qualify for one of our scholarships*