The mission of LYTC is to educate, train and inspire young people in Louisville to achieve better health 

and improved quality of life through nutritional counseling, fitness programming and athletic endeavor.  

Dr. Heuser and his wife Peggy, a registered nurse and surgical nursing specialist, have committed the 

last 14 years of their lives to the LYTC mission. Since its inception, LYTC has been self-funded by the 

Heuser family with generous financial subsidies from various partners throughout the years including:  

Humana, Norton Healthcare, Wellpoint, the Cralle Foundation and many others.   


LYTC had grown to serve hundreds of children annually including: high school athletes, at-risk young 

adults from the community, children participating in YMCA Summer Camps, Passport-granted children 

from the Home of the Innocence and St. Joseph’s and clients served onsite at Maryhurst, JCPS and 

elsewhere.  Due to a variety of factors, only a handful of children are currently supported by LYTC.  Our 

objective is to increase participation substantially in the next 3 years.


LYTC serves all school aged children in our community – regardless of their socio-economic status.  

LYTC offers general and advanced sport training classes at our East end facility several times per 

week. These classes are led by a degreed exercise physiologist and cover the 5 components of fitness in 

efficient, effective one-hour blocks.  Children pay based on need.  LYTC also serves children through 

nutritional counseling, diagnostic assessments and many other services at the facility.

LYTC works children of all athletic abilities, and even sports teams! Above is a video of the 2015 East End Warriors Senior Football team working out at the LYTC facility!